London / Prague / Brno

  • I don't know my style
  • I need to look more polished and put together
  • I don't know what and which colours suit me
  • You want to stop the exhausting struggle that comes from not knowing what to wear

  • Organizing your wardrobe
  • Removing all unworn items
  • Creating many different outfits
  • help to shop key pieces MUST HAVE in your wardrobe

  • I don't feel good about my changing body
  • I will make you feel comfortable in your own skin
  • No matter what age you are or stage of life you're in , you deserve to feel amazing about yourself on the inside and outside.

  • Sourcing garments and accessories
  • Putting together looks for a shoot in a way which captures the brief and is on brand for the designer or publication commissioning the shoot.
  • Involved in developing the concept of the shoot, briefing the creative team as well as styling and directing the entire shoot from makeup to hair and even assisting with location sourcing.

Can't leave your home ? I also offer virtual styling in the comfort of your own home. How it works ?

Wardrobe cleanse and spruce via Zoom meeting

It all begins with an idea. Lets have a complimentary E-Styling session and discuss ideas to kick-start your online styling journey . You will show me your wardrobe, what you need to add or change and we will have a chat about styling advices. I will ask you to show me your every day outfits and than I will order some clothes to your house, We will have another session and we will discuss how it fits, what we will keep what we will leave. Let me guide you through how to edit your closet, re organise it, generate new outfits with the items you already own and get rid of items that are holding you back from feeling your best self. Find the missing gaps in order to complete your wardrobe whilst eradicating panic buying and the ‘I don’t know what to wear’ days.