FASHION STYLING TUTOR at London school of Styling http://www.londonschoolofstyling.com/ 2017-present PART TIME


Helping the students build their portfolio, learning about fashion , specialize in Social Brand Development. Complete Styling
documentation aftereach outfitting phase, communication in fashion, making moodboards.

Working in studio with big team as photographers, make up artist on students portfolio.



This is a client facing role where I am responsible for high level customer service with my own clients. These are ranging
from members of the royal family to high level fashion designers.

I run through the products ranges with clients and help them make the right decisions with the fabric to fit their design briefs.

Managing complex overseas product orders with liaisonfrom various third parties.

Helping customers choose accessories for their design requirements and cutting fabrics to specific detailed measurements.

Overseeing more junior staff and train them in customer service.

Responsible for elaborate window displays which I create with the help of two other members of staff.

Product Advisor, Stylist YUMI in Notting Hill – 2013 (10 month contract )


I was part of the house studio. Resposible for styling on their website, style mannequins, accessories, working with the team,
photographers and all website team.

I was style advisor at this store, helping customers dress for their body shapes and skin tones.

I built up a loyal core customer group who would come to me for their style requirements

Freelance work

Fashion stylist for singer Polly Money for her upcoming music video (April 2016)
Fashion stylist for MEADE magazine and UNFOLDED magazine
Fashion assistant for MUSIC VIDEO ( Voss / Stuck in Fire)
Stylist for fashion brand Hype (www.hypeclothinguk.bigcartel.com)
Stylist and photographer for model/dancer Michaela Pospisilova (www.mickeyna.eu )
Freelance personal shopper/ stylist
Fashion journalist for Czech internet magazine Salon.cz
Photographer for HH flowers (2012)
Organizer Exhibition & Fashion show (final school project, 2011)

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